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Оюу-Толгой ажиллах хүчин хайж байна

The Oyu Tolgoi Project in Mongolia is a Greenfield project consisting of open pit and underground mines, concentrator and supporting infrastructure to produce high-grade copper and gold concentrates is currently accepting applications for the position of “The Head Communications – Oyu Tolgoi”.

A project workforce is planned to be approximately 3500 at steady state of operation.

Opportunities to stand tall at the pinnacle of the global mineral industry are preciously rare.  At Oyu Tolgoi, a strategic partnership between the Government of Mongolia, Ivanhoe Mines and Rio Tinto has set the groundwork for one of the world’s most inspiring Copper-Gold complexes.

Communicating the future for Oyu Tolgoi is about building on our potential and sharing our model of responsible, environmentally-sound development across the national and international stage.

Your challenge today is to establish and lead a broad communications portfolio, providing instrumental stewardship to the Managing Director and the Senior Executive Team on all facets of community and public relations.

The Head of Communications, Oyu Tolgoi role encompasses marketing, branding and internal communications, calling on high order relationship and influence capability.

A thought leader in community engagement, your exposure to joint venture projects of national significance and your deep understanding of the cultural heritage of the people of Mongolia characterise your reputation as an ethical ambassador for communications excellence.

The future of Oyu Tolgoi and its contribution to the nation of Mongolia is being shaped today; the opportunity to define your career on the global stage is here at the forefront of one of the world’s most inspiring mineral developments.

This role will be based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia with frequent domestic and some international travel. We are looking for a Mongolian citizen including those who are working oversees and are looking forwards to job opportunities in home country. A competitive remuneration package will be offered.

Communicate your future today!

In case you are interested please submit the following documents:

  • Filled out “OT” LLC Vacancy Application Form (with 1 copy 3x4 size Photo)
  • CV and Cover Letter (in English)
  • A copy of all Diplomas and Certificate
  • A copy of ID and Driving License
  • A copy of Social and Health Insurance Books
  • Reference or Recommendation Letters from current and/or previous employer

to the following email addresses: Энэ и-мэйл хаягийг спамботоос хамгаалсан. Та үзэхийн тулд JavaScript идэвхжүүлэх хэрэгтэй. and Энэ и-мэйл хаягийг спамботоос хамгаалсан. Та үзэхийн тулд JavaScript идэвхжүүлэх хэрэгтэй. before October 1, 2010.

Vacancy Application Form and Full Position Description are available on Company web site: www.ot.mn

Only short listed candidates will be contacted

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